Jordan, Amber, and Mr. Milo

Jordan, Amber, and Mr. Milo

Monday, November 29, 2010

still alive..

Its been awhile since I have blogged (ok well like maybe 10day?) And I sorta feel stupid for even feeling bad/thinking about blogging so much cause I doubt anyone really reads this thing anyway. Oh well ha. Well Jord and I are still alive. We have been super busy with traveling for his games and having mine and his fams get together for the Thanksgiving holiday! Jordan had a few games back easy.. (kinda south east maybe?? wherever you would call Florida and Georgia ha) Anywho, my AMAZING father called me last Monday at 1pm and said pack your bags.. we are leaving in 2 hours for the airport!! I was so excited!! I hadn't seen Jordan in 5 whole days and was DYING to see him!! So me and my pops flew to Atlanta Georgia to go watch my man! We had such a great time!! Too bad Jordan didn't have as much fun.. heres why:

Poor guy got elbowed in that eyebrow within the first 2 mins of the game. He needed 7 stitches :(
Within the first 5 mins of the second half, Jord got a hand to the cheek bone and it sliced his cheek open. Lets just say he was pretty upset. I would be too!
LUCKILY.. My pops took Jord and I to an amazing place called Morton's Steakhouse!! DE-freaking-LISH! Ugh my mouth is watering just thinking of the amazing food there!! We had massive amounts of steak and lobster, salad, bread, asparagus, mashed potatoes, AND of course a MOUNTAIN of ice cream sundae!! YES!! Def a great way to finish off the trip :)

Well on Wednesday I am off to Oregon with the fam to, YUP YOU KNOW IT!, watch my husband play again!

Friday, November 19, 2010

day 7

day7. Complete the sentence, "I am.."

Today I am sad. Very very sad. Jordan left for Florida today with his basketball team. I know he has only been gone for a total of 13 hours... but I am so lonely already!! And it isn't the "I just need to be with someone" type of lonely, I truly miss MY husband!! I honestly feel like half of me is gone, and I don't feel "complete" (haha wow.. total cheese-ball comment) And the worst part of this whole sad story is that he is gone till Wednesday! :( ugh really?? 6 days without Jordan is not cool!! I really wish I could go on some of his road trips. I think I might give Coach a call and try and convince him that it would be a GREAT idea for me to travel with Jordan! Wish me luck!!

Jordan- I fetchin miss you! Please be safe while you are gone! Oh yeah-last thing.. remember you are married!! (you left a certain ring that is suppose to be on a certain finger of yours at our apt...ya little stink!) ((ok about that last comment.. I didn't want Jordan to lose it and he would have had to take it off every single day for games/practice. And since he even loses his phone charger while on road trips I told him it was ok to not bring his ring haha))

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jordan made top 10!!

YAY!! My amazing HUSBAND made top 10 college basketball players to look for in Utah!! I am so proud of him :)

Top 10 college hoops players-to-watch

# 7 - Jordan Swarbrick, UTAH VALLEY

Jordan Swarbrick, UTAH VALLEY, 6-foot-7 senior guard: A silky-smooth shooter, Swarbrick was a second-team All-Great West Conference player last season. He was the team’s leading scorer at 12.4 ppg and third in rebounding at 4.9 rpg. He scored in double-figures 20 times last season and also led the team in steals and assists. He is fourth on the school’s all-time points scored list, and is in the top five in 13 other categories. Photo: UVU

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I have had MULTIPLE problems trying to get paid for coaching cheer. I have been into the Provo School Distrct 6 times and still have not been able to enrole for my job. I wanna take a brown bag full of poop and set it on fire on their doorsteps.

I am really grateful that Timpview is doing all they can to help out! (Mainly Michelle, she is so awesome!!) It's a good thing I love my job and my girls!! But I really hope this gets figured out ASAP!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day number 6

day6- What did you do today?

Today was a lovely day! It started out with waking up and going to church a little bit early for a "meeting" aka: new calling haha. Jordan and I are now ward missionary leaders. We will be teaching a class every few Sundays. Church was good today. It was the Primary Program :) which is always fun! There are only 4 kids in our ward primary because we are in a married-student ward. THe oldest child is 5. Jordan and I then came home and made waffles. YUM YUM! Jordan then got to take a little nap while my visiting teachers came over. After they left I also fell asleep for about 30 mins before we went to eat dinner at my parents house. We had roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, and steamed veggies! Delish! My cousin and her hubby came over for dinner too and we got to hangout/talk to them for awhile. Brooke and Jason are so much fun! We love them!! Stephanie Jensens house was the next stop. We went to borrow all the Harry Potter movies from her. (We are going to the premiere this Thursday night and wanted to catch up on whats been happening in the movies!) After steph's it was game night over at Scoubes house. Can anyone say CATCH PHRASE! All-in-all a great day and night! And now I am watching Harry Potter with my hubby (who is annoyed I am blogging while watching a movie!) GOTTA GO! Happy Sunday everyone!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

and on the 5th day....

Sorry for missing yesterday. I think I have a pretty dang good excuse though :) My hubby played his first bball game of the season!! UVU did SO amazing! Maine is an incredible team. Sadly they lost in overtime, but I was very proud of my babe! (I will be posting pics later about this)


day5. Something that makes you feel better.

There are lots of things that make me feel better when I am feeling down. A few are

working out.. this always helps me feel better :)

Listening to music is a great way to get some emotions out

Yum.. look at this cake

Don't mind if I do...

The aftermath... YUM. (aka, eating junk food is also helpful)

Cheering (or watching cheer, now that I am not a cheerleader haha)

hanging with great friends :)

Road trips with my BFF's, Dr. Pepper, and CORN NUTS!!

Birthday notes from the LOVE of MY LIFE!









Thursday, November 11, 2010

uno, dos, tres, QUATRO!!

Wow, four in a row! I think I am doing really good at this whole blog challenge (knock on wood.)

day4.What’s your guilty pleasure tv show, food, and magazine?

easy peazy lemon squeezy! My guilty pleasure tv showS (plural) would def be.....

and this....
But who DOESN"T love all these shows? (wow, Jordan just said my TV shows should not be on ANY blog of mine haha...)

Next would be guilty pleasure FOODS!!!! Where to start!?!? If I had to pick just 1 thing, then I would def have to say.....
CHOCOLATE CAKE FROM COSTCO!! YUM YUM YUM!! Anyone who has good taste buds has to LOVE this cake. (It is like the cake from Matilda) And is the greatest taste on earth!!! (I just asked Jordan to go get me this cake.. I wish he would take me seriously sometimes.. I legitimately want it right now.... I am literally starting to salivate)


OK! Magazine would def be a top one. But my number one guilty pleasure magazine would have to be People Magazine!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


day3. A picture and/or description of your favorite place in your world. And I’m not talking about like France or Greece. I’m talking somewhere you visit daily or atleast fairly often.

My fam and I go to Lake Powell around 5-8 times a summer... we love it.


rainbow bridge

Back Tucks on the sand with my besties

My first vaca with him

Walking up to Cliff Jump :)

Surfing (it was late season.. thats why I am in a wet suit)

Tubing with my hubby

and this best of all...