Jordan, Amber, and Mr. Milo

Jordan, Amber, and Mr. Milo

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Sometimes I am really really dumb. Like today for instance-

So Jords and I are QUIETLY sitting in sacrament (the water was being passed) when I decide I want to look at the program for the 3rd time. (Cause thats what you do when you are bored at church)
I remember I sat the program behind the hymn books and when I tried to pick it up it fell to the floor.
As I reach down to grab this stupid piece of paper and----
It made a loud thump and I said ouch and it is only then do I realize it is SILENT and I totally interrupted the passing of the Sacrament!!
I was MORTIFIED!! I put my head into Jordan's lap and start laughing HYSTERICALLY!!!
For the rest of Sacrament I could NOT stop laughing- I even had tears coming down my face.
Jordan was even SHH-U-SHING me which made my laugh even louder!!
I am SO EMBARRASSED! I really think we need to find a new ward to go to- I don't know if I can show my face there again :(

Senior Night at UVU

Last night was Jordan's "Senior Night" at the UVU basketball game. Jordan, Shawn Deadwiler, and Justin Baker were recognized for their achievements the last few years at UVU. Jordan's parents came down to support their amazing son. I'm not gunna lie, I got watery eyes after walking out onto the court with Jords. As much as I hate him being gone at practice and away games- I am really going to miss watching him play at UVU. Im going to miss wearing my "Swarbrick" shirt, and cheering with my family on the front row. I am so proud of Jordan :) And am glad I got to share this experience with him. Here are some photos from the night.

Fabulous Supporters :)
Shawn, Jordan, Justin- the 3 Sr's this year
Love him!
Jord's parents came down to support too

2010-2011 team

Me with the little wolverine ha

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Can someone please inform Jordan...

So my 21 birthday is coming up in just a few days and this is the cake I want...

Can someone please tell Jordan to make this for me?? Thanks!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

help me make a decision

K so I cannot decide. Long or short- what do you think??

But not blonde


somewhat long- growing it out longer?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Date Night at Nickel-Cade

Jords and I went out to Nickel-Cade with Nicole and Scoubes last night. We only bought 2 dollars worth of tickets, and we didn't need anymore--Lets just say we got a little lucky on the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire game!!! (I think its because we both picked each others Fav Numbers) I picked 14 and ended up with 140 TICKETS!!!

And Jords picked number 9 (my favorite number) and ended up with 80 tickets!!!

We had a wonderful night, and got some Now-and-Laters with our amazing amount of tickets. Thanks Nicole and Scoubes for inviting us to come
We then went to Scoubes' house to play a few games of Halo, and my luck had run out too early in the night. Lets just say one game ended with my controller being thrown- whoops.
Now I just gotta get ready for some more game night! But tonight I will only be a spectator, cheering on my favorite player :) # 14!! Lets get another win tonight UVU!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Good Day Today

Today has been a good day :)
It started out sleeping in till 10 (cause now I dont have school on Fridays!!)
Running a few errands, including going to Target for some grocery shopping (and having Jords go with me!!!!)
Jordy helped my put the groceries away while I made us some delish turkey sandwiches for LUNCH!
mmmmm- wish you had one dontcha?

Cleaned my darling apt- vaccumed as well when my mom brought over her vaccume for me to use ha
AND got to spend an hour with my amazing mother :) watching Oprah and letting her use the newest gadget to the Swarbrick Residence- CHI VITALIZER

K this CHI VITALIZER is AMAZING. (I was hesitant at first to use it I will admit) But my incredible Mother-In-Law bought and sent us this machine that helps loosen up your body (mainly back and hips) I used it last night and slept SOOO GOOD!!! All you do is put your ankles into the holder, pick your speed, lay back, and RELAX! After about 7 mins I could totally tell my hips were loosened up. Seriously this machine is awesome!! Jordan and I will be using it every night

ps- cannot wait for summer- mainly just so I can wear these 2 sweet swimming suits I just bought!! LAKE POWELL ANYONE!?!?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I did something today that I am very proud of :)
It is something I have been thinking about doing for almost a year
I made up my mind
and I "withdrew" from half of my classes at UVU
I know it is stupid and I should "finish school"
I need a break
I didn't like anything I was going in to
I am going to take 2 classes, go back to teaching aerobics, and start being a better wife to my AMAZING husband
and I have NEVER felt better about this decision than I do right now :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Long Night and Morning

So as you know, Jordan is gone.... and so are my parents
My parentals are in Maui (yes, at the same exact hotel that Jords and I went on our honeymoon)
and yes, the honeymoon that my parents crashed!!!
But thats a different story for a different time..
I am babysitting my sis and keeping an eye out on Parker
I havent slept at my parents house since Jordan and I got married
and I slept there for the first time last night..
I tossed, turned, and woke up sore from the hard bed...

Summer called me at 930 am from school sick :)
poor thing
So I missed my first class to go pick her up and take care of her..
Luckily I made it to my second class with a little pick-me-up

(Me and Morg in our Psychology class... enjoying our lovely drinks!)

Thank you Nordstrom for helping me get through the morning!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

guilty pleasure

Jordan is gone again....
I get depressed when he is away...
Especially for 5 whole days....
Please feel sorry for me!
This is my guilty food I eat when he is away...

I bet by the time he gets home on Sunday these will ALL be gone....
and these.....

They are my second guilty pleasure.....
Come home soon Jordy- or Im gunna look like this-