Jordan, Amber, and Mr. Milo

Jordan, Amber, and Mr. Milo

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Guatemala Day 2-3

Day 2 we (the x-ray techs) worked much faster than day 1.  We were able to get over 1 and 1/2 times as many patients / x rays done in the same amount of time as Friday.  

Here I am with one of the future missionaries :)  

Going over a unique case, he actually had 2 wisdom teeth instead of 1 in his upper left side 

Smiling once I knew a pic was being taken 

Jords and Dr. Rogers again 

Dr Hale and I doing some x rays 

 This gun weighs 15 lbs.  And after 10 hours it gets really tough

Jordan and Dr. Rogers helping a special patient.  Dr. Hale (pictured above) made a flipper (retainer with tooth on it) for her because she was missing her front tooth which Dr. Rogers and Jordan did a few fillings and pulled a tooth on her. 

Another special patient.  We are only suppose to work on pre missionaries, but this little boy almost lost his 4 front teeth :(  Luckily we were able to save them with fillings and only had to pull 1 bottom tooth.

 Before the flipper

 After the flipper.  Her life was forever changed today

 Driving almost 2 hours to attend a church.  Narrow roads??  Totally.

This was the family Jordan and I were assigned to.  Twin boys, a 14 year old who was the "man of the house" and a beautiful mother.

 So excited to each get some goodies.  We passed out blanets, aprons, toys, B.O.M. school supplies, and much more to an amazing ward.  We even took each family pic and had it printed and framed while we were there. 

 Jords translating to the kids.

The family. I went to the bathroom after they said goodbye and cried my eyes out.  They were so grateful to get such small things.  

 Fireside with 1300 people.  This entire room was PACKED.  We were even given little radios with headphones to listen to the translation of all the speakers.  SO amazing!

 Banquet night.

 Delish food!!

Ugliest pic of me ha.  I was tired, hungry, and the last thing I wanted was a pic taken of me.  
Day 2-3 have been wonderful!!  Tomorrow I will be waking up at 5am to get ready for another day in the "clinic."  

Friday, April 27, 2012

Smiles for Guatemala Day 1

Jordo and I made it to Guatemala!!!  We got in late last night, and were up and going at 7:00 am.  It has been a very long, but extremely rewarding day!  We had a little orientation meeting this morning, then boarded all 129 of us on a few buses, and went to the stake center.  We completely take over the entire building and turn it into a medical and dental office.  Patients (all pre-missionaries) would check in, get blood drawn, see medical doctors, then come get x-rays on their teeth.  I am one of the x-ray techs, and this job is so much harder than it looks.  We take a total of 8 x-rays on each person.  It is a 2 person job getting these done.  We had 8 people (4 chairs) taking x-rays.  Lets just say it is one of the only jobs that you are on your feet all day long!  (jordo said he would give me a foot massage tonight... I am holding him to it!)  After x-rays they would go to the dentist for fillings, endodonists for root canals, and then the oral surgions for their wisdom teeth.  Sadly some kids had to do ALL 3!!!!  It would take them a total of 4 hours to see all the doctors.  Day 1 was a success, and tomorrow we are seeing double the patients we saw today.  The oral surgeons even let Jordan and I come watch them take out wisdom teeth (gross!)  Jordan was in heaven haha.  
Here are some pics of Day 1!

 Orientation, in our matching scrubs (presh I know... we totally planned it!)

The 27 dentists lined up (these chairs were completely full ALL DAY!!) 

The area where I was going to work :)   

Jordan helping Dr. Bob Rogers.  Jordan was able to assist  Dr. Rogers today.

My work area 

Jordan and Dr. Rogers 

Husband and Wife 

Tanner and his dad Dr. Perry going to work! 


 The waiting area we had set up

More waiting (all these chairs were full all day) 

Super Awesome Name Tag! 

Protected by fenses and gates 

And of course by this guy :)   

 By 12:30 we had seen 91 patients

Lunch and Dinner area 

Jordan doin his thing! 

Joran at work

Check back tomorrow or Sunday for another update :)  

Friday, April 13, 2012


Jordan and I have the opportunity to go do some humanitarian work in Guatemala. We leave in just 13 days!!! (Which is also the DAY AFTER our finals end...) We are so excited to be able to go down and help 900, yep I said 900, young men and women preparing to serve an LDS mission. Some of the things our group will be doing down there is dental work (including root canals and wisdom teeth removal), medical work, hair cuts, and pictures to help get these wonderful people ready to turn in their papers. Jordan will be working and assisting one of the dentists going down. I will be helping upload x-rays and filling out patients files, and helping out wherever they need me. We are so excited about this opportunity!! So check back in a few weeks if you want to be updated on how our trip went!!!