Jordan, Amber, and Mr. Milo

Jordan, Amber, and Mr. Milo

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dental School

I am going to brag about my husband right now because he is AMAZING!!  That's right!!  Jordan got accepted to DENTAL SCHOOL!  He got a call last Tuesday from UOP (The University of Pacific) congratulating  him on his acceptance.  UOP has a great reputation for being the top clinical dental school in the NATION!!  And my smart husband was accepted!  A few hours after UOP called him, he received an email from LECOM (a dental school down in Florida) also congratulating him on being accepted :)  We are so thrilled he was accepted to the two schools he interviewed with.
One thing thats going to be tough about dental school is the cost.  Last night I was looking at housing in San Francisco (where UOP is), and was completely shocked.  I had no idea such a small apartment could cost more than a mortgage in Utah!!!  Heaven help us!!

Regardless - I am so proud of my husband!! And if I have to pay $2,600 per month to live in an amazing area (San Fran), and be close to family while he kills himself at school, then I will and I will try not to complain haha!!!  I love you Jords, and I am so honored to be the wife of such a great person!  I can't wait to have some wild experiences in San Francisco with you :)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Half way through Pregnancy!!

Jordan and I are so thrilled to have the opportunity to be parents.  These last few weeks have been especially amazing!  First off, we found out our baby has three knees... a right knee, a left knee, and a weenie!!!!  (This is a terrible picture, but you get the point!)  Thats right, Baby Swarbrick is a BOY!!  I was completely freaking out during the ultra sound, because I thought I was for sure having a girl.  When the ultrasound tech started to write Boy I just laughed / cried / screamed with joy.  

Baby Swarbrick finally started to show at around 19 weeks.  (And thank heavens!!  I was sick of telling people I was pregnant and not just getting fat!)  This photo was taken last week, after I called Jordan while he was busy at school (as usual) and said "Alright, I am pretty sure I just felt a kick, then a punch!"  Jords was laugh because I felt the difference between that first karate kick, then the little jab that came right after. 

And just a week later (Now 20 weeks prego!), this boys dad got to feel him KICK!  I had just eating a delicious cafe rio pork salad and was passed out in our bed.  Jordan put his hand on my stomach while I was sleeping, and apparently baby had a sugar high because he was kicking like crazy!  At first it freaked Jordan out.  He quickly pulled his hand away, but then put it back on my belly to feel a few more movements from our babe.  

Yay for being half way done with this pregnancy!!  Can't wait to meet you little one!!