Jordan, Amber, and Mr. Milo

Jordan, Amber, and Mr. Milo

Saturday, November 16, 2013

our "surprise" visit to Utah

Last week I planned a little (ok really big) surprise for my family.  I called my little brother, Parker, a few days before I was scheduled to fly in and made him promise not to tell anyone I was coming, and asked him for a ride home from the airport.  Milo has always been a decent flyer, but I always get nervous before getting on an airplane with him and just myself.  (One time he had a horrible blowout just after we had taken off-- luckily Jordan was with me and was able to help.. can I ask why airplanes don't have changing tables in their bathrooms!?!?! It makes it very hard for a mom!  But thats another story…)

So I wake up early- get to the airport, and fly to Utah with only 15 minutes of whining and crying from Mr. Milo.  Parker was waiting for us when we walked off the plane.  I had Parker text my dad and ask him where he was.  He was at lunch with one of his business partners, and luckily not too far away.  We drove to where he was eating, and walked into the restaurant.  He was so surprised to see us!!  It was so great :)  My dad usually catches on to things and it is so hard to ever get anything passed him!  He has been super busy with work and being a bishop that I guess my "lying" just slipped right passed him.  We then drove to my parents house where my mom was waiting for us.  I called her the night before and told her we were coming the next morning because my whole fam had had the flu the week before and I wanted her to disinfect the house before I brought Milo haha.  She was standing in our driveway, so excited to see her grandson!  She wouldn't even let us pull into the garage before she got him out of his carseat.  Next, I had to surprise Summer.  She called my dad around 2 and asked for a ride home from school.  It was perfect!!  My dad drove, I sat in the front seat, and my mom and Milo got in the back.  As she walked out of the school I ducked so she couldn't see me.  My dad told me when to pop up, and I just yelled surprise!!!!  Her and I were almost in tears!  I love that little sister of mine so much!!  I really wish she could move down to San Fran and come live with me :)  Later that day we went to lunch with my brother Tj, and my sis-in-law Sara.

So everything turned out perfect!  Parker kept a secret and picked us up from the airport, and we were able to surprise everyone else.  We stayed in Utah for a whole week while Jordan studied, and took tests, and studied some more.  (We missed you babe!!!!)

Our time in Utah consisted of lots of walks, aerobics class every night, making yummy soup, NAPS, going out to eat, the primary program, lunch with a great friend, visiting another friend that is having her baby anyway now, going to see a movie! (something i haven't don't since before Milo was born!) and even a lunch trip to Sundance :)

I was able to catch up with lots of friends, and a lot of our extended family.  Milo got to play with his cousin 2 different times during that trip.  My cousin Brooke has a little boy who is just 5 days younger than Milo.  So we went to lunch together, and then on Sunday met up with my moms side of the family for a big family dinner!  We told stories, caught up, laughed a lot, and had a great time!

I love being able to fly back to Utah and visit my family.  It has been quite an adjustment moving away from them into a big city.  We love that we are able to make the short 1 hour flight back so Milo can grow up being close with his grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

Another part of our trip included lots of pictures and videos that Jordan requested multiple times a day of Mr. Milo.

 Mr Milo and cousin Logan

 Cousin Savannah with Mr Milo and Logan - sorry Milo was hitting you in the face ha

Tickle time!

(and our dog hanna photo-bombing) 
Toe eater 
Milo and mom

and probably one of Milo's favorite part of the trip… grandpas iPad!!  He was fascinated with that thing!! I don't know if he is ever gunna give that back to you dad haha

and I just HAD to throw this last pic in… Milo has fat feet, so I asked Jords to cut the elastic in his footie pajamas.  I figured he would, as I asked, just snip the elastic.  He brings Milo back to meet like this….

I guess I wasn't clear enough???  haha.  I just about died.  I guess cutting the ENTIRE toe part off works too??  Now we just have to put socks on him so his toes don't freeze at night.

Anyway- that was how our last week was :)  Thanks for letting us visit family!  We can't wait till Christmas when we get to see you again!

xoxo Amber


  1. Amber, they DO have changing tables in airplanes!!! It's above the toilet! :)

  2. haha I specifically asked the flight attendant if they did and they said they didn't!! Boo allegiant airline!!! Cause that would have made it a lot easier. All they did was give me a garbage bag to put over the toilet seat and i had to somehow hold Milo on there while changing him out of his clothes and into new clean ones. Ugh